Monday, December 23, 2013

Hand Pain

Many of our patients here at Bezek Chiropractic and Rehabilitation spend a good deal of time during their workday at the computer doing repetitive motions. Some even go home to spend even more time using the computer keyboard. As a result, they often come to us complaining of tingling, numbness and pain in their hands and wrist. Some even tell us they are unable to grip objects as a result of the pain and numbness.

This numbness, tingling and hand pain is indicative of repetitive motion injury known as carpal tunnel syndrome. It is caused by pressure and compression placed on the median nerve, which runs through your forearm to your hand.

Dr. Brian Bezak offers his patients natural chiropractic treatment to ease the symptoms of hand pain. These include myofascial release, personalized exercise, cervical traction, and ergonomic instructions. In addition, in some cases, chiropractic adjustments may be recommended.

Chiropractic care for hand pain in our Greenbelt, MD office can be of great benefit in treating carpal tunnel syndrome and other types of hand and wrist pain.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain and tightness occurs for many reasons, including improper posture, an accident, or injury or trauma associated with a sporting or work-related activity. Even turning wrong while sleeping can lead to upper back pain. Regardless of the cause, it can cause its sufferer discomfort ranging from soreness and achiness to excruciating, sharp pain. Upper back pain can also present itself in muscle tension, muscle spasms, and burning and stabbing pain. It can make it difficult to take a deep breath or turn your head to the side.

If you are experiencing any of the above upper back pain symptoms, know that chiropractic care here at Bezek Chiropractic and Rehabilitation can help to relieve your symptoms in a natural, holistic way. Depending on the cause and severity of your upper back pain, Dr. Brian Bezak uses a variety of chiropractic techniques, including:

  • spinal manipulation and adjustment

  • trigger point therapy

  • customized exercise to strengthen and stretch your upper back

  • range of motion improvement exercises

  • traction

  • electrical muscle stimulation

  • ultrasound

  • moist heat and/or cold packs

There’s no need to live with upper back pain. Contact Dr. Brian Bezak today to learn about how chiropractic care for upper back pain can help.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common complaint of many of our patients here at Bezek Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. Our senior patients in Greenbelt, MD have an even higher risk of hip pain due to degeneration, years of wear and tear, and fracturing of the hip.

The causes of hip pain include the following:

  • ·         Osteoarthritis

  • ·         Rheumatoid arthritis

  • ·         Bursitis

  • ·         Tendinitis

  • ·         Muscle strain

  • ·         Hip fractures

  • ·         Bone cancer

When patients visit us with hip pain, Dr. Bezak begins with a comprehensive examination, including X-rays if indicated, in order to determine the extent and causal factors of our patients’ hip pain.

Dr. Brian Bezak offers his patients chiropractic treatment for hip pain that offers the following benefits (in addition to reduction in pain):

  • ·         Inflammation reduction

  • ·         Improved range of hip joint motion

  • ·         Strengthened damaged tissues and weakened muscles

  • ·         Correct posture restoration

If you are experiencing hip pain, we encourage you to call us at 301-220-0496 to discuss your natural treatment options.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elbow Pain

Did you know that common elbow conditions can be successfully treated by us here at Bezek Chiropractic and Rehabilitation? Chiropractic care is an excellent option for elbow pain relief because it avoids the use of surgeries or the reliance on medications.

Chiropractic care for elbow pain focuses on correcting the structural components, such as your muscles and bones, of your elbow, so that you can not only receive pain relief but have a strengthened elbow to prevent future elbow problems from reoccurring.

Two of the most common conditions associated with elbow pain, and for which Dr. Brian Bezak treats, are tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

  • ·         Lateral epicondylitis, more readily known as tennis elbow, is a type of tendonitis and inflammation that occurs from the overuse of the tendons and muscles that connect the muscles of the forearm. It is characterized by tenderness and pain over the outside area of the elbow.

  • ·         Medial epicondylitis, more commonly known as golfer’s elbow, is an inflammation at the focal point where the bony area of the inner elbow attaches to the tendons of the forearm. It is characterized by tenderness and pain in the inner elbow region.

Give us a call at 301-220-0496, if you are experiencing tenderness or pain in your elbow.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Sprains and strains both cause persistent pain and lack of mobility for patients. While they have similar causes and symptoms, they are not actually the same thing. A sprain is an injury that occurs with the ligament, which connects bones to a joint. A strain is an injury to a tendon or muscle that is connected to a bone. Sprains of the ankle are most common, though some people find that they have sprained their wrist. Strains are most common in the back of the thigh (hamstring), arm, hand and elbow.

Sprains are typically caused by accident, like falling or twisting, though blunt force to the area can also be a cause. Strains are similar, though often less severe than a sprain. The signs and symptoms of sprains and strains are quite similar to each other. They include:

  • Pain

  • Muscle spasms or weakness

  • Swelling

  • Bruising

  • The inability to move the joint

  • Cramping

Here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, Dr. Brian Bezak offers chiropractic and rehab for sprains and strains and encourages patients to visit the Greenbelt, MD clinic for possible treatments. This includes manipulation of the affected joints, bracing the joint and soft tissue therapy. We also provide nutritional and exercise suggestions for faster healing. Contact our office at 301-220-0496 to learn more about sprains and strains and the treatment options available.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Foot Pain

Dr. Brian Bezak provides chiropractic care for many types of disorders and diseases, including pain in the foot here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. Foot pain can occur in one or multiple areas of the foot, such as the toes, arch, heel, sole or ankle.

Causes of foot pain vary, and include an injury, aging, having an occupation that requires standing for long periods of time, insufficient foot protection, playing a sport often, a genetic deformity or being overweight. There are also medical conditions that frequently cause foot pain like arthritis, gout, bunions, calluses, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, warts, sprains, stress fractures and of course, broken bones.

Here a Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Greenbelt, MD, we provide multiple ways of treating and managing foot pain. The treatment generally depends on the cause and type of pain being experienced. We can help treat and remove warts, bunions, corns and calluses, as well as providing chiropractic care for sprains and arthritis. Patients are urged to visit our office for swelling that isn’t improving, persistent pain for several weeks, numbness, tingling and burning pain. Call us today to get more information about treatment options for foot pain.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

On-Site X-Rays

Dr. Brian Bezak is experienced at providing chiropractic and rehabilitation treatments for a wide range of problems, including soreness and discomfort, arthritis, sprains and strains, whiplash, chronic pain, fractures and various medical conditions. However, before providing the right treatment plan, a proper diagnosis is made through the use of x-rays. On-site x-rays are provided right here in our Greenbelt, MD Bekak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation practice in order to make it more convenient for our patients.

On-site x-rays provided in our office look at the skeletal structure and bone structure of the spine. It gives us an idea of spinal curvatures and possible issues with misalignment of the spine, which is a very common occurrence among patients who experience chronic pain. Patients get these results more quickly by using our on-site x-ray machines, and don’t have go to another location for these images is not necessary in many cases.

Visit our website to find out more about on-site x-rays and what the next steps are after getting an approximate diagnosis of your condition.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Workplace Ergonomics

We have found that many injuries and cases of chronic back, shoulder, neck or wrist pain, stem from how the patient is positioned while at work. Learning about workplace ergonomics is essential.  It helps our patients learn how to avoid injuries at work when using the tools and equipment of their trade.

One significant component of workplace ergonomics is that the workspace needs to be set up in a way that provides minimal, natural movement of the body. It helps patients have less neck and back pain, and can even reduce the frequency and severity of headaches. If you have been experiencing pain, visiting Dr. Brian Bezak can help, as chiropractic care is highly successful for workplace injuries.

We use different types of procedures and treatments for the help of workplace injuries. These include adjustments and manipulations, electric muscle stimulation, stretching for better range of motion, rehabilitation exercises, and massage therapy. Here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we also provide advice and recommendations for better workplace ergonomics. If you are unsure of how to properly set up your workspace, contact us and we will provide the best course of action for prevention, as well as treatment for your current injuries.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weight Training

Like strength training and cardiovascular exercise, weight training is a beneficial activity for the health of your body. While weight training helps to promote strong bone health, it can cause a variety of injuries — particularly when done improperly.

Bench presses, squats, lunges, dead lifts and curls are types of weight lifting techniques that can lead to injuries. The most common weight lifting injuries involve the back, shoulders, and knees because they bear the brunt of the range of motion and weight lifted during a weight lifting session. These injuries include:

  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome - Inflammation of the tendons that hold the shoulder in its proper position.

  • Patellar tendonitis - Inflammation of the tendons of the knee.

  • Rotator cuff tears - Refers to a rip in one or more tendons of the shoulder.

  • Back strain or sprain - While a strain involves torn tendons or muscles, sprains relate to stretched or torn ligaments.

  • Herniated disk - Refers to a slippage or rupture of one of the cushions between the vertebrae within the backbone.

Here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we have seen our share of injuries suffered as a result of improper techniques used in weightlifting, whether they are sustained by amateur or professional weightlifters. Fortunately, injured weightlifters can see tremendous benefits from chiropractic treatments. If you are an injured weight lifter or want to learn more about preventing weight lifting injuries, contact us directly today.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Core Stability

If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from back pain, core stability exercises in conjunction with chiropractic spinal adjustments can help provide relief from back pain. However, you need not be suffering from back pain to benefit from core stability exercises. Strengthening your core is an important step in maintaining good spinal health and preventing injuries.

Core stability describes the area of the body involving the abdominal wall, the lower back, the pelvis, and the diaphragm (in other words, your torso) along with the ability to stabilize the entire body during activity. Strengthening your core through core stability exercise is a powerful way to prevent and beat back pain. However, before starting a new exercise training program, it is important to learn proper form and technique.

Here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we can recommend the best core stability and core strengthening exercises for you and teach you the proper form and techniques for carrying these exercises out. Give us a call today at 301-220-0496 or stop in at our Greenbelt office to learn more about core stability.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


“Don’t slouch.” “Sit up straight.” These are words of wisdom commonly repeated by mothers everywhere. That’s because these astute moms know that good posture is important to keeping your body’s alignment in proper form. Having good posture helps prevent problems such as:

  • ·     spinal curvature

  • ·     back pain

  • ·     tension headaches

  • ·     inefficient breathing

  • ·     muscle strain

  • ·     fatigue

  • ·     abnormal wear and tear of bones, joints, and ligaments

Here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we can identify whether your posture is poor. More importantly, if it is, we can assist you with tips to develop good posture at home and work. Through our chiropractic and physical therapy services, we can also work with you to recommend exercises to strengthen your core postural muscles and advise you on preferred posture when performing certain activities to reduce your likelihood of injury.

To learn more about improving your posture and keeping your spine aligned, please contact us directly at 301-220-0496. We look forward to helping you present a more confident you and improving your spine health through good posture.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Arthritis – How We Treat It

According to the CDC, arthritis is the most common cause of disability in the United States. If you or someone you’re close to has experienced it, you are likely aware of just how painful and immobilizing a joint condition can be.  For our patients who are suffering from arthritis, we offer a number of treatments that can help you finally feel relief and manage effects that would have otherwise stood in your way.

Through our chiropractic and physical therapy services, we strengthen and promote your body’s ability for efficient healing and better join function. Electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, and exercise therapy programs can help you regain strength, increase circulation, and improve your flexibility and range of motion. Here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we encourage you to rely on us for a non-invasive and effective arthritis treatment program that’s personalized for your specific joint condition. To learn more, please contact us directly.  We are here and eager to answer all of your questions on arthritis management and pain relief.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tension, Stress and Your Overall Wellbeing

If you’re experiencing illness or a health complication that you know is serious, you probably would be active in getting care.  Even when we recognize a behavior or choice as compromising our health and longevity, many of us make the choice to reduce or eliminate that negative decision or habit.  When it comes to stress and tension though, many times we fail to see how serious an impact it has on our health, healing and overall wellbeing. 

Stress and tension can be deadly, as it feeds into our body’s inflammatory responses and can build up within our tissues to create a number of health concerns.  Fully assessing and managing stress and tension are just as important to overall wellbeing as maintaining a healthy diet and fitness plan, and getting adequate rest and care when ill. 

Here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we can to help you identify the effects that stress and tension may have on your body and wellbeing—and we’re here to provide you management and relief solutions. However, it’s still very important that you make tension and stress management a priority in your life. Share with us your ways of minimizing stress and keeping its effects under control.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Slip and Fall Injury – When to Seek Treatment

When the body is suddenly subjected to the trauma of a severe slip and fall, a number of things can go wrong—and sometimes it’s hard to identify their severity.  Pain is one indicator, but the presence of pain or lack thereof isn’t always the most efficient communicator of injury or damage.  During a slip or fall, the spine and extremities can become misaligned or injured as the body attempts to catch itself and find solid footing. Sudden impact with the ground or other hard surface can also amount to both hard and soft tissue damage.

If you’ve experienced a slip or fall, or if you’re experiencing pain that could be connected to a previous injury, it’s wise to seek to examination and, if needed, pursue treatment.  Slip and fall injuries affect the body in numerous ways and the full effects aren’t always immediate, but with a professional assessment, we can address any issues and develop a safe, effective physical therapy treatment plan.

Here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation we provide a number of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment services to help our patients who have suffered from a slip and fall injury, as well as subsequent complications.  These include comprehensive and personalized therapeutic exercise programs, as well as advanced pain relieving treatments like ultrasound and EMS therapy.  We invite you to contact us directly to learn more about our treatments and how that can benefit you in your slip and fall injury recovery.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Treatment of Arm and Hand Numbness

Are you ever affected by numbness or tingling of your hands or arms? Is the problem chronic or is it directly related to a specific behavior or action that you perform? Arm and hand numbness can be the result of nerve damage or a joint problem such as carpel tunnel or arthritis. If you’re not sure what’s causing numbness in your extremities and it’s interfering with your wellness and ability, getting a diagnosis and practical treatment is very important.

Many of our patients here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation have found relief from arm and hand numbness through the use of our therapies and treatments. The services we provide are specifically design to increase circulation, strengthen the joints and muscles, and relieve tension and inflammation from the nerves and other soft tissues.

The best therapy for you will depend upon your specific needs and condition, but just a few of the treatments we offer for arm and hand numbness includes ultrasound, joint manipulation and electric muscle stimulation. To learn more and get relief from your arm and hand numbness, please contact us directly.  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You’ve likely heard of omega-3 fatty acids, but do you know why you’re so important? Omega-3 fatty acids are included among the essential fatty acids that are needed to maintain health and homeostasis.  They help the body naturally fight inflammation and the numerous health issues that can result, including arthritis, asthma, generalized pain and even mood disorders like depression.

If you’re trying to increase your intake omega-3 fatty acids, they can be found in a number of natural sources, including:

  • Wild Salmon

  • Anchovies and Sardines

  • Walnuts

  • Flaxseed

  • Canola Oil

  • Olive Oil


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Healthy Eating

What you put into your body plays a considerable role into how it performs, heals and maintains a state of health.  As we help many of our patients with the complete chiropractic and rehabilitative services we provide at Bezak Chiropractic, we also stress the importance of healthy eating and how it factors into your health, wellness, longevity and ability. While fad foods and diets may come and go, healthy eating always involves balance of calories and activities, plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and natural protein, along with a balance of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.  We also stress the importance of staying fully hydrated no matter what you do.

For guidance on healthy eating in conjunction with your wellness program, contact us here at Bezak Chiropractic.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Headaches and migraines affect many individuals on a regular basis. While this discomfort is quite common, many sufferers aren’t aware of the underlying cause.  Tension and misalignment that affects the upper back and neck are among the most common cause of chronic headaches.  Here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we’ve helped many patients determine the underlying cause of their headaches and subsequently find lasting and natural relief.

Spinal adjustments, therapeutic exercise, stress release technique and other treatments can all amount to significant reduction, if not total elimination of chronic headaches and migraines. If you’ve been suffering from headache pain and you cannot find a cause or treatment that has worked for you, arrange at appointment with us here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wrist Pain

You may experience pain in your wrist for a number of reasons; regardless of whether you’ve experience an acute injury such as a sprain, or you have a chronic condition like carpal tunnel or arthritis, wrist pain can seriously get in the way of your day-to-day life.  Finding a long lasting and safe solution to managing wrist pain may not always be easy, but that’s just what we provide through our physical therapy and chiropractic services here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.

If your wrist pain is the result of an injury, we offer treatments that ensure you’ll heal properly and promptly, minimizing strength and flexibility loss and buildup of internal scar tissue.  If you have a chronic condition that results in wrist pain, we can help you regain mobility, manage pain, numbness and weakness, while strengthening the joints and muscles that can become compromised as a result of a chronic condition. No matter the cause of your wrist pain, call us directly to arrange and appointment and we’ll determine the most effective treatment for you.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Leg and Foot Numbness

When you feel tingling and numbness in your legs and feet, it could indicate a number of minor or serious health issues. Reoccurring or severe leg and foot numbness calls for prompt examination, and if necessary, a diagnosis and treatment.  Here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we help those patients who experience leg and foot numbness that results from spinal misalignment, pinched or damaged nerves, poor circulation or other condition that can be aided with chiropractic care and physical therapy.

We use a number of different chiropractic treatment and rehab techniques that strengthen muscles and flexibility, promote circulation, and naturally alleviate the numbness that affects the legs and feet. Our treatments are both safe and effective for patients with a variety of chronic conditions, as well as numbness that has occurred as a result of an acute injury.

If you are experiencing leg and foot numbness, arrange an appointment with us here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation and we’ll determine a treatment that will be effective for you.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy causes some of the most drastic changes of body, and unfortunately, they can amount to some serious strain and pain.  Back pain is common in pregnant women, as the increase of weight in the front of the body puts high demand on the spine and the muscles of the back.   Gentle and consistent chiropractic care, along with therapeutic exercise and pain relieving treatments can safely and naturally relieve pregnancy back pain.

With our physical therapy and chiropractic treatments, many of our prenatal patients here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation have gained significant back pain relief and experienced a more comfortable pregnancy. If you or someone you know is experiencing back pain from pregnancy, and you’re seeking gentle and effective relief, arrange an appointment with us and learn more about our pregnancy back pain treatment services.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wobble Board for Rehabilitation Techniques

Are you familiar with the wobble board? This simple yet effective piece of equipment is used for specific rehabilitation techniques. The wobble board can be utilized to aid balance and provide many other benefits to those recovering from ankle, knee and hip injuries.  Wobble boards help to naturally relieve the stiffness that affects the muscles and joints following a sprain or other injury.  Strength, range of motion and muscle memory can be improved as the patient gently balances with both feet on the board and attempts to maintain equilibrium.

Other rehab, balance and strength building exercises can be employed using the wobble board. It’s one part of our comprehensive physical therapy services that we invite you to try!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our New Facility

Have you visited Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation yet? If you haven’t we’ve like to welcome you to our newly renovated, 2200 square foot, state-of-the-art office.  Here, you’ll find the most comprehensive array of personalized professional services and physical therapy treatments.  Through our capabilities we’ve helped many patients recover from occupational, athletic, accident and personal injuries. Our goal is to help you get back on your feet, back in the game, and back to work safely. Some of the treatments you’ll find at our new facility include:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments

  • Exercise Therapy

  • PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) Stretching

  • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Therapy

  • Ultrasound

  • Cryotherapy

  • Superficial Heat

  • Intersegmental Traction

  • Trigger Point Therapy


We look forward to giving you a full tour of our space and a complete look at our available treatments. If you haven’t yet, call us and set up your initial appointment and learn what we can do to get you back in motion.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Muscle and Joint Injuries

The muscles and joints of the body enable us to stay in motion and retain strength, but these amazing tissues can easily become injured as the result on an accident, overuse or repetitive motion. Finding an effective and targeted treatment that works for muscle and joint injuries is essential for relieving pain, regaining ability and preventing further injury.

Here at our practice, we offer a comprehensive array of treatments that are specifically designed to help individuals with muscle and joint injuries. Temperature based treatments that include cold packs and moist heat, along with carefully guided stretching and therapeutic exercise programs are efficient ways help the body heal and regain flexibility and strength, which are often lost when an injury occurs. We also maintain the latest physical therapy technologies, including electrical muscle stimulation and ultrasound capabilities.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with joint sprains and dislocation, as well as muscle strain and inflammation, make an appointment with us.  We’ll be happy to provide answers to all of your questions and explain how our specialties can help with your specific case.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS, is a physical therapy treatment that can be used to sooth, prevent and treat the effects of musculoskeletal injuries. It’s also a fantastic way to relieve pain and stress, accelerate natural healing and increase your range of motion.

Athletes, and those who are recovering from occupation injuries or an auto accident, can greatly benefit from the effects of our electrical muscle stimulation capabilities. We use this therapy in combination with our physiotherapy modalities that include ultrasound, trigger point therapy and rehabilitation exercises.

Electrical muscle stimulation can help you retain your performance levels and even enhance them thanks to the flexibility improvement that can result from this treatment.

We welcome any questions you may have about this unique therapy and look forward to showing you how it can help your healing and wellness.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sports Injuries

The most common sports injuries that affect athletes or even people involved in a fitness routine include muscle sprains, swelling and strain, dislocations, and knee, ankle, back and joint injuries. Although these issues are varied, the cause is commonly found in repetitive motion, as well as a lack of flexibility and physical preparation that includes a warm-up and stretching. As a result, the body fails when pushed beyond its limits.

We can help you with specialized treatment of sport injuries and aid your healing process safely and naturally, but we are just as eager to help you prevent injury the first place. If you’re an athlete or you’re getting a plan in place to get in shape safely, we’re here to help!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Work Injuries

Did you know nearly 20% of serious work injuries occur in the following occupations: laborer, orderly or nursing attendant, janitorial and custodial, heavy and tractor-trailer truck operators, and law enforcement officers? It should come as no surprise that high demand and high stress jobs can easily compromise the body’s health and performance. While certain professions may create more risk than others, it’s important to protect yourself with safe, effective and healing chiropractic care-- no matter your career.

Through chiropractic and physical therapy, work injuries can be treated and prevented. Keeping your spine, nerves, muscles and joints functioning properly can save you from harm that compromises your ability to do your job and go about your life. Virtually anybody can benefit from proper chiropractic care, but if you work a job that puts a lot of demand on your body, getting support and treatment is highly beneficial for preventing and recovering from issues. Make an appointment to visit us. Together we can discuss a plan that best suits the demands of your daily life and help you stay well.  


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Knee Pain

You knees are particularly susceptible to overuse and injury.  They are the largest joint in the body and are responsible for your mobility.  When you experience pain in your knees it can severely affect your ability to comfortably carry out your daily activities.  I always stress that patients should not choose painkillers over treating the root cause of their pain.  Like neck, back, and shoulder pain, you should address the underlying cause of the pain in your knee.  Knee pain and discomfort can be due to sprains or strains from work related injuries, sports, or everyday activities.  They can also be caused by tears in ligaments or even breaks or fractures.


After I help you find the root cause of your pain, there are many services available at my office to help you find relief.  For a complete list of the services I offer, visit my website and call my office to schedule an appointment.  I look forward to helping you find relief!


For available services, please visit:   





Friday, January 18, 2013

Shoulder Pain

Are you experiencing any shoulder pain?  Remember, it’s better to treat the cause of your pain rather than the symptom.  Before you reach for over-the-counter painkillers, consider what the cause of your shoulder pain may be:

  • ·         Overexertion or overuse at your workplace

  • ·         Habitual activities at home

  • ·         Dislocation from trauma

  • ·         Pinched nerves

  • ·         A fracture in your collar or the surrounding area

If you are having trouble determining the cause of your shoulder pain, visit me at my office and I can help you find the cause of your discomfort.  Through natural and healing chiropractic services I can help you find a solution that best suits your needs.



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Automobile Accident Injuries – Muscles & Joints

If you have ever been in an automobile accident, you know that it’s a very stressful and often traumatizing experience.  Even in minor accidents or close-calls you can result in considerable stress and pressure that affects your soft tissue.  It’s not always easy to identify the problem when it actually occurs, as soft tissue trauma isn’t always apparent and pain and discomfort may not surface until days or weeks later.  For this reason, if you have recently been in an accident, it’s important to visit for an examination.

At my practice I am able to help patients that are experiencing whiplash by treating them with a variety on non-invasive, comprehensive chiropractic treatments. For a complete list of how we can help you recover from an automobile accident, visit our website:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain can be extremely uncomfortable and frustrating.  While your first instinct may be to turn to over-the-counter pain killers, medications are just a way to find temporary relief.  After the painkiller wears off you are left with the same discomfort, in addition to potential side effects from the drugs.  Chiropractic care makes it possible for patients to find natural and lasting pain relief. 


By finding the root cause of your pain you are able to better treat your symptoms.  Neck and back pain is often caused by muscle strain and trauma.  While it is best to visit my office to determine what form of treatment is best for your specific case, I often use electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, trigger point therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and stretching among other chiropractic services.  If you are experiencing any neck or back pain, visit my office for help with genuine healing rather than treatment of the symptom.