Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Treatment of Arm and Hand Numbness

Are you ever affected by numbness or tingling of your hands or arms? Is the problem chronic or is it directly related to a specific behavior or action that you perform? Arm and hand numbness can be the result of nerve damage or a joint problem such as carpel tunnel or arthritis. If you’re not sure what’s causing numbness in your extremities and it’s interfering with your wellness and ability, getting a diagnosis and practical treatment is very important.

Many of our patients here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation have found relief from arm and hand numbness through the use of our therapies and treatments. The services we provide are specifically design to increase circulation, strengthen the joints and muscles, and relieve tension and inflammation from the nerves and other soft tissues.

The best therapy for you will depend upon your specific needs and condition, but just a few of the treatments we offer for arm and hand numbness includes ultrasound, joint manipulation and electric muscle stimulation. To learn more and get relief from your arm and hand numbness, please contact us directly.  

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