Thursday, January 24, 2013

Knee Pain

You knees are particularly susceptible to overuse and injury.  They are the largest joint in the body and are responsible for your mobility.  When you experience pain in your knees it can severely affect your ability to comfortably carry out your daily activities.  I always stress that patients should not choose painkillers over treating the root cause of their pain.  Like neck, back, and shoulder pain, you should address the underlying cause of the pain in your knee.  Knee pain and discomfort can be due to sprains or strains from work related injuries, sports, or everyday activities.  They can also be caused by tears in ligaments or even breaks or fractures.


After I help you find the root cause of your pain, there are many services available at my office to help you find relief.  For a complete list of the services I offer, visit my website and call my office to schedule an appointment.  I look forward to helping you find relief!


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Friday, January 18, 2013

Shoulder Pain

Are you experiencing any shoulder pain?  Remember, it’s better to treat the cause of your pain rather than the symptom.  Before you reach for over-the-counter painkillers, consider what the cause of your shoulder pain may be:

  • ·         Overexertion or overuse at your workplace

  • ·         Habitual activities at home

  • ·         Dislocation from trauma

  • ·         Pinched nerves

  • ·         A fracture in your collar or the surrounding area

If you are having trouble determining the cause of your shoulder pain, visit me at my office and I can help you find the cause of your discomfort.  Through natural and healing chiropractic services I can help you find a solution that best suits your needs.



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Automobile Accident Injuries – Muscles & Joints

If you have ever been in an automobile accident, you know that it’s a very stressful and often traumatizing experience.  Even in minor accidents or close-calls you can result in considerable stress and pressure that affects your soft tissue.  It’s not always easy to identify the problem when it actually occurs, as soft tissue trauma isn’t always apparent and pain and discomfort may not surface until days or weeks later.  For this reason, if you have recently been in an accident, it’s important to visit for an examination.

At my practice I am able to help patients that are experiencing whiplash by treating them with a variety on non-invasive, comprehensive chiropractic treatments. For a complete list of how we can help you recover from an automobile accident, visit our website:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain can be extremely uncomfortable and frustrating.  While your first instinct may be to turn to over-the-counter pain killers, medications are just a way to find temporary relief.  After the painkiller wears off you are left with the same discomfort, in addition to potential side effects from the drugs.  Chiropractic care makes it possible for patients to find natural and lasting pain relief. 


By finding the root cause of your pain you are able to better treat your symptoms.  Neck and back pain is often caused by muscle strain and trauma.  While it is best to visit my office to determine what form of treatment is best for your specific case, I often use electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, trigger point therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and stretching among other chiropractic services.  If you are experiencing any neck or back pain, visit my office for help with genuine healing rather than treatment of the symptom.