Thursday, May 29, 2014

Intersegmental Traction

Your back is a system of muscles that is responsible for a tremendous range of motion, and when these muscles become fatigued, stressed or injured, they can spasm and eventually develop chronic muscle guarding. Intersegmental traction is an effective therapy for treating and preventing muscle spasms and guarding in your spinal muscles, and at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we offer this treatment to increase both the spinal health and overall wellness of our patients in Greenbelt, MD.
By inducing passive motion into your spine, intersegmental traction increases mobility and stretches spinal joints. Since your spinal discs have poor blood supply, they rely on spinal movement to provide and maintain nourishment. With proper spinal mechanics, the needed proteins and nutrients are able to enter the disc and keep them working and feeling great. However, if your spine is misaligned, the proper supply of nutrients cannot occur, and disc thinning and degeneration of the spine may result.  
Intersegmental traction restores proper motion and function to the spine’s discs. Patients lie on a table made especially for this type of treatment. It has vibrating roller-type cams beneath its surface. The rollers travel up and down the spine slowly, compressing and massaging the pine while flexing and extending each of its joints. This strengthens the muscle and ligaments in your spine, which helps restore mobility and health.
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