Monday, December 23, 2013

Hand Pain

Many of our patients here at Bezek Chiropractic and Rehabilitation spend a good deal of time during their workday at the computer doing repetitive motions. Some even go home to spend even more time using the computer keyboard. As a result, they often come to us complaining of tingling, numbness and pain in their hands and wrist. Some even tell us they are unable to grip objects as a result of the pain and numbness.

This numbness, tingling and hand pain is indicative of repetitive motion injury known as carpal tunnel syndrome. It is caused by pressure and compression placed on the median nerve, which runs through your forearm to your hand.

Dr. Brian Bezak offers his patients natural chiropractic treatment to ease the symptoms of hand pain. These include myofascial release, personalized exercise, cervical traction, and ergonomic instructions. In addition, in some cases, chiropractic adjustments may be recommended.

Chiropractic care for hand pain in our Greenbelt, MD office can be of great benefit in treating carpal tunnel syndrome and other types of hand and wrist pain.

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