Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sports Injuries

The most common sports injuries that affect athletes or even people involved in a fitness routine include muscle sprains, swelling and strain, dislocations, and knee, ankle, back and joint injuries. Although these issues are varied, the cause is commonly found in repetitive motion, as well as a lack of flexibility and physical preparation that includes a warm-up and stretching. As a result, the body fails when pushed beyond its limits.

We can help you with specialized treatment of sport injuries and aid your healing process safely and naturally, but we are just as eager to help you prevent injury the first place. If you’re an athlete or you’re getting a plan in place to get in shape safely, we’re here to help!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Work Injuries

Did you know nearly 20% of serious work injuries occur in the following occupations: laborer, orderly or nursing attendant, janitorial and custodial, heavy and tractor-trailer truck operators, and law enforcement officers? It should come as no surprise that high demand and high stress jobs can easily compromise the body’s health and performance. While certain professions may create more risk than others, it’s important to protect yourself with safe, effective and healing chiropractic care-- no matter your career.

Through chiropractic and physical therapy, work injuries can be treated and prevented. Keeping your spine, nerves, muscles and joints functioning properly can save you from harm that compromises your ability to do your job and go about your life. Virtually anybody can benefit from proper chiropractic care, but if you work a job that puts a lot of demand on your body, getting support and treatment is highly beneficial for preventing and recovering from issues. Make an appointment to visit us. Together we can discuss a plan that best suits the demands of your daily life and help you stay well.