Thursday, January 24, 2013

Knee Pain

You knees are particularly susceptible to overuse and injury.  They are the largest joint in the body and are responsible for your mobility.  When you experience pain in your knees it can severely affect your ability to comfortably carry out your daily activities.  I always stress that patients should not choose painkillers over treating the root cause of their pain.  Like neck, back, and shoulder pain, you should address the underlying cause of the pain in your knee.  Knee pain and discomfort can be due to sprains or strains from work related injuries, sports, or everyday activities.  They can also be caused by tears in ligaments or even breaks or fractures.


After I help you find the root cause of your pain, there are many services available at my office to help you find relief.  For a complete list of the services I offer, visit my website and call my office to schedule an appointment.  I look forward to helping you find relief!


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