Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sports Injury

Sports Injury
Athletes constantly strive to better their performance, and, in the process, they push their bodies to their limits. However, even if rigorous training and strict diets help them improve their abilities, without chiropractic, an athlete cannot reach their peak physical form and may suffer injuries that will leave them on the sidelines. At Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we help athletes recover from injuries quickly and effectively, by treating problems at the root and by ensuring that the spine and joints are in proper alignment.
Even with meticulous care, musculoskeletal injuries during training or play can occur. If you find yourself suffering from an injury or nagging pain, chiropractic might be the best option you can take. With the ability to treat sports injuries effectively, our doctors treat the root of the problem and not just the individual injury. Since the body is an integrated system, the misalignment of the spine or other part of the body can cause injuries to seemingly unrelated areas. By treating your entire body as a whole and paying special attention to the spine, joints, muscles, nerves and tendons, chiropractic and physical therapy can help sports injuries heal more completely and prevent further injuries down the line.
Chiropractic should be a vital part of an athlete’s routine to ensure that the body functions at peak levels. Whether you’re suffering from an injury or not, if you’re an athlete, schedule an appointment by calling 301-220-0496. For more information, visit

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy
Trigger point therapy is a method of chiropractic treatment that is typically used on patients with pain, discomfort, tension and “knots” in specific muscle groups and nerve sites of the body. These knots are called trigger points, and they often form in overused or injured muscles. At Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation this therapy is used for a variety of conditions.
Typically employed on patients with myofascial conditions or fibromyalgia, trigger point therapy focuses on patients’ individual trigger points, using static compression to gradually release the trigger points. Static compression involves pressure being applied in 10-second intervals to the area. This motion releases endorphins, which helps to release tension among the muscle fibers and nerves. It is a specialized technique designed to gradually release the existing trigger points and prevent the chronic tension and strain that creates these inflexible points.
Trigger points often present themselves with sharp pain, dull aches or sensations of pins and needs. Sometimes these points are latent and won’t be noticed until a stressor activates them. By combining chiropractic and physical therapy knowledge, our doctors are able to successfully treat and prevent painful trigger points and can help you restore your muscles to peak function. Schedule an appointment at our practice to treat and prevent these painful trigger points by calling 301-220-0496.
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Chiropractic treats the body as an integrated network of systems and aims to treat pains and illnesses at their route while promoting the overall health of the body. By correcting misalignment of the spine and joints and utilizing non-invasive treatment methods, our chiropractors at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation help the body heal from a variety of issues, including soft-tissue injuries and muscle spasms. One common method that our practice uses to achieve healing is electrical muscle stimulation.
Electrical muscle stimulation is an effective way to relieve pain and help the body heal. It works by sending a small electrical current into the affected muscles, which causes the brain to send a nerve impulse to the motor point of the muscles and tell it to expand and contract. The expanding and contracting leads to the release of the body’s natural pain relievers, such as endorphins, which helps reduce swelling and release trigger points that may be causing the muscles to lock up.
While the amount of electricity used in this method is minute, it is enough to serve as an effective therapy for treating soft tissue injuries, muscle spasms and associate pain. When combined with other chiropractic procedures, affected muscles are relaxed and returned to a natural, healthy state.
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