Friday, January 31, 2014

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy
Exercise therapy is a type of therapy provided to our patients here at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. We utilize various types of exercises that help improve the strength, flexibility, and mobility of our patients. Exercise therapy involves exercises alone as well as with several tools and accessories, like wobble boards, exercise balls, tubing, and balance boards.
There are many reasons that someone needs exercise therapy, including being in a vehicle accident, having a work-related or personal injury, or experiencing weakened muscles in the body, especially those supporting joints or the spine.
The type of exercises and movements used in exercise therapy depend on the reason our patients need it. In other words, we use a very individualized approach to exercise therapy with our patients. Some patients have had a surgery or major injury, so their exercises are much different than someone who is seeing us because of chronic lower back pain or a repetitive motion injury from their job.
We also look at our patient’s current strength and flexibility is to determine the best exercises to start with. For example, with lower back pain, we use stretching of the hamstrings and abductors, strengthening their trunk muscles, and promoting better balance.
To learn more about exercise therapy provided by chiropractor Dr. Brian Bezak, call us at 301-220-0496.

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