Thursday, July 17, 2014

Chiropractic Care and Stress

From traffic jams and work deadlines to bills and annoying coworkers, stress invades our lives on a daily basis, and while we can’t completely eliminate stressors from our lives, we can learn to handle them better. Although some people naturally deal with stress more effectively than others, everyone can benefit from working with a chiropractor. 

Regular chiropractic care, which improves nerve and spinal function, has a dramatic impact on improving your emotional, mental and physical states, which all determine how we deal with stress. While stress is known to interfere with our immune systems, studies have shown that those who receive regular chiropractic care have 200 percent greater immune competence than those who do not receive chiropractic care and 400 percent greater immune competence than those with cancer and other serious diseases. This means that chiropractic care can reduce the negative effects that stress has on our bodies and put us in a better state for dealing with future stressors.

If you feel like stress is taking a toll on your life, we can help at Bezak Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. To schedule an appointment with our office in Greenbelt, MD and rid yourself of stress’s negative effects, call 301-220-0496. For more information, visit

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